Travel to Orlando to see the Theme Parks in Orlando

When my daughter and I would travel to Orlando to see the theme parks in Orlando, we traveled by car. We recognize that most of the world travels by air, and most articles here are about that!
Also, we have one video about "Travel by Bubble"! Although we have never actually used this form of transportation, we have known about its great and powerful propulsion system since first seeing it on TV in the 1960's.

"Walt Disney World Secrets: Hidden Mickeys" Notescast

However, we have gotten to Orlando in these ways! To get to Orlando by:

  • Hiking/walking/running/backpacking
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Car/Driving to Orlando
  • RV/Motor Home/Travel Trailer
  • Air

We, here at Orlandowise, are eagerly awaiting this technology to arrive @ Orlando (we have hopes that we will get "Travel By Bubble" when SunRail arrives;). The view when you travel by bubble seems amazing however, it appears to have no seats so it is "standing room only".

Backpacking!? and souvenirs

Backpacking was more popular in the early 1970's and it is still practiced today! Yet, I mention backpacks, duffel bags, any kind of collapsible carrying bag - not to travel to Orlando yet, more to suggest to pack and empty backpack or two in order to return home with souvenirs! Everyone gets souvenirs in Orlando!
Some scramble to return home with their souvenirs! As a last resort the option of shipping them to your home address my be a prudent alternative.

However, we also recommend to DO NOT take these bags and backpacks into the theme parks! Almost all rides do not allow them on the ride and you will spend time getting a locker, it is usually free if the time in the ride line is short enough, yet by the time the day is over this locker time could be used for an extra ride or two or more rest time while sitting down eating.

There is no need to purchase these bags or any other luggage at this website, if you want one or two! These types of luggage are usually less expensive when purchased on line shipped to your home (maybe @,, or or purchased at your home town rather than when they are purchased during your vacation in Orlando, FL!

Bus Travel to Orlando

We found GotoBus. Generally along the east coast for the Orlando area tours! I did find a round trip from NYC for $50 each way! It is a bus however, and at more than one day travel time, it can be tiring! This does place an Orlando vacation in the reach of almost everyone!

Another bus is! Usually from Atlanta, Ga to/from Orlando, Fl. I have found a round trip for as low as $1.00 each way! YES, that is correct! Search the website yourself! $3.00 to $25.00 each way is more common, however! This is another website that places the cost of an Orlando vacation in the reach of almost everyone, Atlanta, Ga to Orlando, Fl!

I have traveled to Orlando by bus only one time! I slept most of the way as it was 9 pm to 6 am from Atlanta! We had 1 stop, probably for the bus drivers brake (15 mins) approx ½ way!

When my daughter and I would travel to Orlando to see the theme parks in Orlando, we traveled by car. We recognize that most of the world travels by air. However, traveling by car provides opportunities that do not exist otherwise.

Driving to Orlando

While we lived less than 400 miles away this drive was tiring yet could be done in one un-prolonged stop (except for a rest stop ever 2 hours or so). And when my daughter got old enough to drive that did help.

When there was more of us than only my daughter and me, we would stop at the Suwannee River State Park and have a picnic lunch.

Afterwards, when it was only my daughter an I, we stopped at O'Leno State Park and Ichetucknee Springs State Park. O'leno State Park proved to be the most interesting.

Travel to Orlando seeing deer at O'leno State Park

White-tailed deer at this park were the most tame or non-wild. Almost as much as some of the petting zoos we have been to. On more than one occasion we fed a white-tailed deer by hand as did other park visitors.

Later, we would stop at Lake City and spend the night at a hotel without visiting a state park. We did get to know the owners at our "regular" motel.

One time it was "bike week" in Daytona, Florida and all the motels were full! Being me, I never got reservations and by this time we knew the owners well enough that they "made room" for us by giving up one of their rooms for us while they all piled into one room themselves.
This time as we would travel to Orlando, I was particularly tired and accepted their gracious offer. I left a particularly large tip this time. We usually left before they "opened" the next morning.


One time we would travel to Orlando by AMTRAK. I was told that when I came to the southeast from Seattle, Washington that we traveled by train when I was 3 months old.

Being born when I was very young, I don't remember this experience, I'm told that I arrived in the southeast US by train. Yet, I have always wanted to travel by train. So that is what my daughter and I did. We boarded the train in Tallahassee, Florida for the ride. This AMTRAK had a lounge car. I have not seen this on an AMTRAK train since this time.

Instead of riding in the regular passenger cars, we went to the lounge car. One BIG picture window allowed an excellent view. This too, was the place that other parents of younger children went to allow the children to play. Kids make friends better than adults. Well, I made traveling friends with the parents of the other children as my daughter made traveling friends with the other children. This made for quite an enjoyable ride. We returned to Tallahassee by plane.


On the return flight which was a prop-jet, I sat by the emergency exit and was "trained" how to open it in an emergency. This was before 9/11. I'll bet things have changed by now, huh?

This is when I saw the influence of Walt Disney World more than at the theme parks in Orlando. The lawn mowers had made a 3 circle "Mickey Mouse" in the take off area after the runway. I thought that was cool as it was before "crop circles" became all the rage!

Speaking of Walt Disney World influence, if your plans involve staying at one Disney Resorts then it is a good idea to know which Orlando Airlines help take the hassle out of the return check in at the Orlando Airport!

We do recommend, for the first travel to Orlando, vacation to stay at Walt Disney World Resorts utilizing the Disney Magical Express to get to your Disney resort, and do not attempt to see but one other non-Disney theme park (SeaWorld or Universal). Walt Disney World by itself can be overwhelming to the first time visitor and that is not a good experience! Take your time and enjoy the park!

How long does it take for your family to travel to Orlando, and back home, too? Will your children get board in that amount of time? My daughter, from 8 years old when I got custody of her, and I talked, played guessing games, "cow poker", and other games that I learned as a child, on the 4 - 5 hour drive to Orlando, Fl. I learned the games in a time before hand held electronic games, DVD's and portable players, etc. and then there were even coloring books and crayons sold at the "dime store".

Now, you do not need to purchase these activity packs for your travel to Orlando, but if you believe that it is a good deal for your children to entertain themselves, then we recommend the activity packs from Family Travel Scoop. If you do get the activity packs then remember the return trip as well.

However you travel to Orlando, Florida to see the attractions in/near/at Orlando, we hope you make it an enjoyable adventure and part of your overall experience of your vacation.

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Enjoy the Best Of Orlando!

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