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I'm Douglas, YourBestDeals Sales Rep. in Orlando, Fl. I can help with your small business advertising

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Social Media Marketing & YourBestDeals

YourBestDeals.comicon is a daily deal coupon web site. And social media marketing is among the strongest, fastest growing marketing ideas of this young century. Daily deals (considered by some, as a from of "guerrilla marketing") often use this to help with your small business advertising. Usually business yellow pages can not compete with social media.

At YourBestDeals.comicon, the deals often last longer than a one day deal however. YourBestDeals.comicon may offer travel deals that any travel agent may offer! So, if you are an Orlando travel provider of tourist services or products YourBestDeals.comicon can also offer this, therefore helping your business acquire a new long term customer!

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The exception is inventory that did not sell! Deep discounting this inventory in order to buy inventory that does sell!
And even this deep discounting this may not work!

Where it is not a good deal

A daily deal is not suited to some businesses! Those that can not incorporate deep discounting into a pricing model like a wholesale or distributing company can not make good uses if a daily deal example:

  • wholesale merchandise is priced at $50/100 of something
  • Daily deal prices at $25/100 (50% off)
  • Merchant receives $12.50/100
  • this could be bundled with an order of say $10,000.00
  • Business people that are buyers would understand this as a gimmick

Where it is a Good Deal

According to this small business advertising attracts...
Audience Demographics for
The viewer of is a 35-44 year old female that went to college and now has children, browsing this site at work!

But for something like: Advertise on by lamoviefan

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

  • a restaurant where the new customer will likely be a lifetime customer
  • a fitness center where the additional new customer adds NO marginal cost
  • a hotels inventory of daily unsold rooms
  • a spa the additional customer adds NO marginal cost
  • a tourist attraction where the additional guest requires no addition effort or cost
    an example: (1 person in a group of four is %50 off)when there were no plans to visit this attraction without the daily deal
  • a lawn care or pest control where a new customer will likely be a lifetime customer
  • any business that has inventory that did not sell.
    Discount that inventory, in order to buy inventory that does sell.

this type of coupon really works!

Although I am in Orlando, Fl. I can place a coupon deal into any city that YourBestDeals.comicon features. So, let me know (in the below form) if I may help with your social media marketing and small business advertising with your Daily Deal on YourBestDeals.comicon for your city!


Cell phone industry even now and esp. in the early years, attract their long term customers with a similar deal. Almost and sometimes "giving" the phone away to have the long term contract to provide service.

Grocery Store is one of the lowest margin retail business and they even have on sale only a few items to attract the sale of the entire grocery list.

Discount clubs, also a low margin business, package together items that do not sell with items that are popular. Sam's Club was the first that I notice do this. It has become a trend at most retail businesses.


Travel Deals from

To start the process of small business advertising, increasing your Advertising ROI, the way that these above businesses have done and to have "YOUR deal" featured on YourBestDeals then just complete the form below!

Douglas Medley

Here is...

The Deal

There is NO OBLIGATION to even advertise. More information is available here:
Download a PDF (left click to view, or right click and select save) explaining How The Process Works after completing this form...
Check out why Harvard business review says (to small business advertising):

"Beware of Innovations from Daily-Deal Sites"

Yet, one circumstance in which price promotions do work is when a company introduces a product to consumers. e.g. for restaurants, a new menu item.

"Daily Deals White Paper"

Harvard Business School, highlights the value to merchants:
(page 15-16)
  • Increase Traffic
  • New Customers
  • Low Risk

See the Daily Deals White Paper.

Complete the form and the thank you page will provide the link!

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