Finding Plane Ticket Prices (and Best Airlines) to Orlando...

Plane ticket prices and getting to Orlando is only ½ the problem. For example here is a link for Special Discount on Orlando Flights.

*If you are staying at a Disney Resort then you may be using the Disney Magical Express - (Click Here to see airlines supported for your return, hassle free check in).
So, you may save $15.00 on plane ticket prices yet acquire $50.00+ in hassles by choosing an airline that Disney Magical Express does not support!


Here are some more coupons/promo codes:
discount plane ticket prices
that may allow you a discount while keeping an airline that supports the Disney Magical Express.

Disney History is a part of Orlando History and Florida History

Disney history that may not return... ...When I first started enjoying Walt Disney World, me and my now ex-wife could barely afford it. Heck, we were driving here and planned a route that saved $3.00 on the "toll road" so that we could get more "E" tickets. The pay one price for entry and ride the attractions for free had not been thought of yet or at least was not implemented.

I may not be talking about history this long ago! (NOT the Orlando Airport)

Back then the part of Florida History that influenced us, Interstate highways were not complete and the "toll road" saved dozens of miles and with gas mileage of about 14 MPG and gas prices as high as $0.329 per gallon → saving 40 miles for a "toll road" extra cost of $0.10 made sense! From 375 miles away It cost almost $9.00 to get here!

Wow! How times have changed. That US Department of Energy created in the late 1970's really solved the energy problems publicized in the early 1970's. After all, there were times back then, that the price of gasoline got as high as $0.50 to $0.75 per gallon!

Later events:
Soon after the Department of Energy was created, a campaign promise was actually realized, the "toll road" was sold to...
...The Government has bought the "toll road" from the private investors that built it (because the government roads did not serve well¿) and wow, toll prices have been held affordable, in a similar manner as the Department of Energy held gasoline prices affordable.

This is NOT the Orlando Airport!

Those Orlando history problems of getting to and from Orlando may not return! So, "on with the show" as Mickey said back then (on TV, as in the parks now - Mickey Mouse does not speak)!

Finding Cheap Plane Fares that support Disney Magical Express

Cheap plane fares to Orlando (MCO) from major US cities, most are round trip →Disney Travel One Travel.

Now that the Disney Magical Express return to airport check in is known, the special coupon codes revealed, selecting the airline may be important. Try to save more than the $3.00 that we saved!

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Enjoy the Best Of Orlando!

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