Orlando Florida Weather in Summer is Humid

The Orlando Florida Weather, each day in the summertime, has the same standard Orlando weather forecast, hot, humid, with a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

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I have said, when I worked a game at Amity Games when the rain started and guest would run to the game to keep from getting wet, as the area in front of the game would fill up I would say, "Welcome to the Sunshine State, where it rains every day!" I did not ask to play the game, rather, I would just talk with the guest.

A thunderstorm approaching...

Orlando Florida Weather has an approaching thunderstorm almost daily in the summertime

The Orlando attractions, outside will often shut down during this thunderstorm, not because of the rain, because of the lightning! Who wants to be on that roller-coaster, 100 ft in the air when lightening decides to strike something tall and well, let's say grounded!

These summer showers from May through October will last maybe 10 minutes to 1 hour beginning in the early afternoon usually. Then the sun breaks through the clouds and is it ever humid then. If it rains then you will want the clouds to stay.

Most guest wanted to know where to buy a poncho, umbrella, or rain coat. Guys, bring your own if you do not want to get wet. My daughter and I would just get wet, unless it was a down-pouring flooding gully-washer. It would just cool us down some. We, of course, get inside out of the lightening!

Kids, this is one of the few places where parents will say "come on let's get to the next ride" (while it is raining) and at home these same parents will yell "get out of the rain" I recommend to enjoy this Orlando Florida weather while you can.

Why not enjoy the inside ride with the longest lines during this rain. When you get out of that ride it may be stopped raining.

Orlando Florida Weather - Down-Pouring Flooding Gully-Washer - Orlandowise, that is. Most summer showers are not this heavy rain. Often very light or just a sprinkle.

Orlando Florida weather, in the winter months December through February - will be moderate. Sometime a cold front will visit and 40 degrees here feels different from 40 degrees in a dryer climate. It is COLD!
The rain may last for 1-4 days without stopping. Usually less at high tide than at low tide. Little lower barometric pressure then.

May through October the average high is mid to upper 80's to high 90's. The average lows are mid to high 60's to low 70's. June through September the average rainfall is more than 5 inches/month.
December through February the average low is the low 50's and the average high is the low 70's. Average rainfall is less than 3 inches/month.

Canadian snowbirds (people from Canada) usually stay here during the winter because of the mild climate, then return to Canada in the summer for their usually mild climate there. Most of these have an annual pass to the theme parks and show up almost daily at one of them.
An intelligent way of doing things I think, when one can afford it.

I believe that I have never complained about the heat in Orlando, or anywhere else for that matter. In the winter a passing cold front causes me to have an asthma attack. Heat is easy compared to that. Key West surely has less cold fronts however!

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