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Advertising at Orlandowise.com offers a custom designed, one-of-a-kind, well benefited targeted advertising ROI, that reach your customer during the vacation planning stage of their Orlando experience!

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Exclusive sponsorship of Orlandowise.com offers Orlando advertisers the ability to reach their target audience and increase their business in their sector of the Orlando tourism market, often up to a full year before they visit Orlando, and the central Florida area.

The following graph by Google Insights shows interest over time for "Orlando", The Prospective Orlando visitors researches Orlando year-round...

Whether it's in December or in June, Orlandowise.com "patiently" waits! Orlandowise.com is ready to reach your future customer when s/he does their pre-visiting Web research.

Reach Central Florida and Orlando Visitors
Often a Year or More Before Their Visit

Orlando advertising offline offer may ways to advertise your hotel, vacation home, attraction, show, theme park and all other tourist products and services. The most common that I have seen and still see is the often free glossy magazines, fliers, cards, brochures, coupons after they arrive! By the time that most of this advertising is seen, most visitors have already made their decisions about tickets for the most valuable of their time at the attractions, hotels or vacation home, car-rentals, clubs, restaurants.

Buying advertising or publicity placement in major newspapers large markets like New York, Atlanta, Dallas late in the season misses the reality of how people plan their trips and vacations since the Internet.

They USE the Web! Compare targeted online Orlando advertising with this offline example...

Real estate developments have been known to pay $20,000+ to reach high net worth individuals in media like the Robb Report for a one time exposure to a maybe slightly targeted audience which may be more interested in a new Ferrari, or in real estate in New York (not real estate in Orlando, Fl).

When attempting to reach those interested in coming to Orlando, Fl, advertising in newspapers and magazines are somewhat targeted, limited geographically in circulation, short-lived. This kind of PR piece may give a short-term lift to revenue. After that? Hmm...

This kind of advertising often misses because it reaches the newspaper or magazines audience when they are most like not considering a vacation. On the Web, your Orlando advertising reaches a highly targeted audience at exactly the time when they are searching for Orlando-related information, about your business sector of Orlando whether that is a theme park, hotel, vacation home, car-rentals, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Why Advertise With Orlandowise.com
Who Does Research Their Orlando Vacation Online? Almost Everyone!

A web site works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The right web site has the persistence, positive exposure, passion, and is a trusted authority to deliver your advertising ROI results that you advertising budget have long sought.

Orlandowise.com attracts the travelers who are either new to Orlando attractions or who are long term lovers of this area.

The following graph by Google Insights shows interest over time for "Orlando hotels", The Prospective Orlando visitors researches Orlando hotels year-round...

Whether it's in December or in June, (notice a pattern). Compare the days after Thanksgiving and the week after December 25 in both charts.

Think interest changes depending upon location? Here is a chart of searches for "Orlando hotels" done in Orlando, Fl.

Check out any related search term important for your business.

Orlandowise.com Reaches Your Customers Before They Travel

Before they book a flight, car rental, hotel, etc. Orlandowise.com has their next vacation in heart, mind and Web! Search intent studies suggest that the content categorized here is among the reasons for the Orlando vacation research done here.

This is time that you want to engage your future customer, the planning stage. Before they arrive in Orlando with most of their itinerary set and most of it paid for already. And you may reach them exclusively - thus your sponsorship here gives you an edge over your competition.

Here is the traffic ranking of Orlandowise.com, according to Alexa.com

Orlandowise.com's Uniqueness Will Remain As Such

While I started Orlandowise.com to earn my way in life, and it does have advertising which helps support me, it is different from the other "Commercial Only" web sites that are Orlando advertising only. The articles here are revealing a special understanding of the Orlando attraction, show, ride, etc. gained by experiencing that attraction, show, ride, etc. in an effort to assist the visitor in a better more enjoyable experience, Orlandowise, that is.

Visitors to this web site are engaged, well-educated, well-to-do, and intend to visit Orlando in near future, and usually within up to a year or more. This is the audience that you want your advertising to reach.

Upon my first visit to Orlando, I fell in love with Walt Disney World and the Orlando area. Wanting others to do the same is why I started Orlandowise.com. I plan to keep it engaging, educational and as Non-Commercial as I can afford!

However, these are our current advertisers.

Website Sponsorship

Sponsorship ads (Exclusive Contract ads) appear on every page that has Orlando advertising!
We are accepting sponsorship's on an exclusive basis for each category (examples: hotels, restaurants, attractions, real estate, etc.). Your product or service must meet our approval. A less than polite attitude, poor customer service etc. will cause us to look elsewhere for sponsorship!

Ad rates are based upon:
($700.00/year is the Minimum Sponsorship rate. Over the preceding twelve months ending April 2013:
$700 / 186382 page views = $3.76 CPM views of your sponsorship ad!)

  • internet traffic
    (both site wide and specific pages)
  • section in which the advertisement is placed
    (Real Estate, Accommodations, Activities, Nightlife, etc.)
  • value to the sponsor
    (keyword worth)
  • Ad format, size, conspicuousness

Contact the exclusive local agent of Orlandowise.com using the form below and we can build a program that:

  • brands your business with over 17,000 page views/month (as of March, 2013)
  • Direct-response markets your product straight to your prospective clientele.

Why Advertise At Orlandowise.com (Another Reason)

Orlandowise, delivers to your Orlando business a highly targeted market that has an interest in your product and/or service (returning a huge ROI on its own).

Advertising on Orlandowise.com provides a largely unequaled value - an ROI of monetizing your advertising budget to your business profit bottom line.

Sponsorship - Advertise, Orlandowise - Complete This Form

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Display Advertising Sizes and Rates

We publish Yahoo Ads on this website provided by Media Net, in these ad size and where usually located.

Orlandowise.com Advertising Sizes Accepted

Rates are determined by your bidding for the ad space.

Here is the contact information:


RSS Advertising

Orlandowise.com has created RSS news feeds mostly for Collectors and Job seekers of which Orlando Advertising is accepted! Here is a list of all the RSS News Feed that we Created:


Advertising is accepted both above and below these RSS News Feeds yet, the New Advertiser must out bid the current advertiser that is already there. Rate for this 468x60 banner ad is $20.00 / month if no other bidders (this is a $10.00 discount)!

New (OR regular) Advertisers cannot out bid a “Site Sponsor” (http://www.orlandowise.com/Sponsorship-Policy.html) for a location! Site Sponsors have Top Priority for ad location!

Website pages with a RSS News Feed on it are our most popular pages with our website visitors often returning more than once!

RSS News Feed Ads (inside the RSS News Feed [“Your Ad Here” or “Discover How To Advertise Here, Click Here”]) are currently priced Flat price at $20.00 / month! A $10.00 / month discount off regular pricing! There is no obligation to purchase ads beyond Month-To-Month (although discounts are given for 3, 6, 9, 12 months payments in advance).

RSS News Feed Subscription information as well as traffic count of the page the RSS News Feed appears on is disclosed after payment is received at which time you my choose the News Feed that you wish to sponsor!

To advertise on a page in which a RSS News Feed appears (ABOVE OR BELOW THE NEWS FEED) or in the RSS News Feed itself please complete the form located on this page:


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