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The Sorcerer's Hat at Disneys Hollywood Studios, the icon of what was formerly "Disney MGM Studios" was built on top of one of the largest "hidden Mickey's" at Disney World Orlando. Regardless, even not counting the street entertainment, this is MY favorite Disney Theme park.

"Walt Disney World Secrets: Hidden Mickeys" Notescast

Disneys Hollywood Studios Sorcerers Hat Icon

Often the site of some of the best street shows (Orlandowise):

Disney Hollywood Studios Street Entertainment Arrives

Which, I suppose may the thought of as a mini parade.

I believe the reason Disneys Hollywood Studios became my favorite was:

  • While I was still married (near the end - I didn't know it yet) my daughter and me were often left alone in this park. We somehow got here when she was already tired. One time after just entering the park my 4 year old daughter was tired and sleepy.

    Me and her, after entering Disneys Hollywood Studios, went immediately to the right near the bathrooms. I held her while she slept. This is a place where the parades start near the park entrance. Almost no one is there. Soon after my daughter wakes up.

    She is standing up walking around and here comes a man from the back stage my daughter looks at him and recognizes him and starts talking while I just look on. Then he talks to me. I recognize him too. This is the first time he has seen us.

    He's Sherman Hemsley! He talks to us a little longer and returns to back stage indicating were we should be during the parade. So, we head off there. When the parade emerges the parade stops there for Sherman's part of the show.

    He recognizes my daughter and I acknowledge that he done good (very quietly). He nodded knowingly, quietly, as well. This was our napping place.

    My daughter remembers Suzanne Somers, I don't. Although, some time I have to go to the bathroom after she wakes up. My daughter sometime is first out of the bathroom.

    In later years, we check for Sherman and Suzanne's hand prints in the various place that they are inside the theme park. They were there only days apart.

    Sometimes my daughter and I would just go there and talk. We met other celebrities. Not as notable of a meeting or of a story as the 2 above although you'd recognize their names, John Stamos, more.

  • Before divorce my now ex-wife and her friend would go their merry way and me and my daughter would do what she wanted to do! I do remember a video my now ex-wife made of me and my daughter.

    My daughter and I were holding hands walking on our way to meet my wife's friend and wife. I was smoking a cigarette and my daughter must have been 4 years old. I was raising her so she was copying me. I stopped smoking!

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  • Star  Tours
    Star Wars is one of movie favorites and this Disney Star Wars is now owned by the Walt Disney Company since late 2012 when Disney announced that the integration of LucasFilms into Disney was complete.
Star Tours, Tatoonie Traders
  • The exit of the ride is one of my favorite merchandise shops to collect my favorite Star Wars "stuff", Tatooine Traders.
  • Sometimes buying in the theme park and selling on eBay results in a profit
    for your pocket
    that just may pay for an annual pass!
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  • Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror
    My daughter and my favorite ride at Disneys Hollywood Studios is the Tower of Terror...
Disneys Hollywood Studios Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  • We'd try to convince everyone in the "elevator car" to survive the Drop sequence "hands in the air". We almost made it one time. Judging from the photograph taken during the ride - only one person held on!
  • Sci-Fi Restaurant
    Our favorite restaurant at Disneys Hollywood Studios is Sci-Fi. We didn't have a favorite food there. We both liked the 1950's 1960's "Drive-In" theater theme while we "watched" science fiction movies on the big screen at the front of the restaurant while we ate our meal.
Disney Hollywood Studios Dine In Restaurant
Disney Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Cars

  • The waiter's/waitress' are usually very friendly and can carry on a conversation almost all day, I would believe (if allowed).

    My daughter liked eating in the cars. The cars inside...
Disney Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Cars inside

I liked the hidden Mickey's in the landscape murals (under renovation the last time I was there).
While most articles about the Sci-Fi talk about the GREAT hamburger there (which in my opinion may be the best in all of the theme parks - Orlandowise)... ...The Shrimp Pasta has since become my favorite dish at Sci-fi:

Disney Hollywood Studios Sci Fi Shrimp Pasta

The Shrimp Pasta is a delicious lightly strong shrimp tasty meal.

  • Fantasmic!
    This means Disney to me, now. Maybe it is because of the life changing things that happened here.
Fantasmic Show Times

The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater is the open-air home of Fantasmic!, it is a nighttime show featuring Mickey Mouse and many other Disney World Orlando characters. Start time are earlier as the daylight hours shorten as we approach Autumn...
I like Disney animation from Aladdin onward better than the Classic movie characters.

Show Fantasmic! As seen from the Dining Area

In the show, I particularly like the scenes and comments from the Pocahontas movie. We even got to know one of the Pocahontas characters because we were at her show, and we were there so much. There was a Pocahontas show near Festival of the Lion King at Disneys Animal Kingdom, now no more.

Show Fantasmic! Before John Smith Arrives

We like to sit in the very front row center! Arrive in time to get there. The Pre-Show, (if there is one) is here and you're front row center. You'll get to know the actors/performers if you attend regularly.

Beauty and the Beast Arrive

If you want to see this show, then, for the better seats, get there at least 1 hour early near the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror, in line across from Rock 'n' Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith!
Another alternative is make reservations for the Fantasmic! Meal Packages (http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/fantasmic-meal-packages/)

Fantasmic Video

“Glow With the Show” ears "D-Light" at the Fantasmic Show... Now Guest are part of the show! This started in California, so, what took you so long to get here?

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