Disney History in Orlando

In the early 1960's of Disney history, The Walt Disney Company was buying land in Northwest Florida, too. My brother-in-law's dad was a doctor and had land on the beach near Panama City, FL, his next door neighbor - Walt Disney Land Co. - one of the fake names used was M. T. Lott. Which is what the Walt Disney Co. was buying!


I quote myself here:

I sometimes wonder what would be different if “Bob” Sykes (a congressman) could have influenced the placement of I-10 before “Irlo” Bronson (another congressman) influenced the placement of I-4! —Douglas Medley

Disney History

Disney history began on Oct. 1 1971 The Walt Disney World Magic began for most observers! I could not be here on that day! My first visit would be almost 5 years later!

Magic Kingdom Bertha Mae Keel Boat

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The largest press aggregation in history of Florida at the time 1965...

Celebrating 40 years in Florida...

I fell in love almost immediately! I won't go into my growing up years and what I felt here, except to say that "I felt safe and I would not be hurt here!" After 40 years (35 for me), so far, this has been true!

20,000 Leagues under the Sea was one of my favorite attractions! Along with Peter Pans Flight. Space Mountian and Haunted Mansion was good, too.

I was a huge fan of Fantasy-land Tomorrow-land! I loved science fiction and the future! (had to be better to me than my past had been!)

Somehow, I was not a fan of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I taught myself how to drive in the 1950's and I did not see how someone could accidentally drive this way!

The Speedway in Tommorrowland I enjoyed (almost) because as a child I had dreamed of having a go kart of my own! In this ride I had not gone 75 feet until the person in front of me stopped driving! I PUSHED THEM AROUND THE SPEEDWAY!

Pay One Price Marketing Test - POP

My first visit in 1975 the A, B, C, D, and the E tickets ruled! In this part of Disney history each attraction required a different (maybe) ticket. The most valued was the "E" ticket. Each could be bought individually or in a booklet. The "Pay One Price" concept had been thought of, I'm sure, because on my next visit my wife and I eagerly participated in the marketing test!

After 1 or 2 days of finding the "POP" ticket in our pockets to show the attendant upon entrance, we just pinned the ticket to the outside of our shirts. Then the attendants spoke to us in Spanish as we entered!

The railroad was not one of my favorites (although Walt seemed to appreciate it greatly) with the POP ticket it did make a train ride to frontier-land faster than walking. I do not remember which A, B, C, D, or E ticket that it required!

The POP ticket did make the SkyWay ride from Fantasy-land to Tomorrow-land (and the return ride) just as desirable!

Imagination Revisited

I was looking at video's of Disney history, Disney's discontinued attractions and I have never found my disinterest in them. Yet, there does exist enough disinterest to cause the Walt Disney Company to close it! Maybe in my raising I saw greater potential in the future rather than any past or current activity!

Imagination, and the enhancements brought to it in captivity and freedom, must be a personal experience! An experience which can only be partially shared with other, since only we have our personal past upon which to evaluate the never before seen!

Maybe this is why I see The Walt Disney Company getting better and better, the imagination of hundreds working on a project has more broad appeal than the one (which may be more lucky and therefore more prosperous).

In later developments at The Walt Disney Company, now facial hair is ok! World history now includes Disney facial hair! We consider that a move in the better direction.

It would be years later, and a new life, before ANYTHING like "The Lion King" would absorb me (reclaiming what is justly mine).

This movie would cause me to question:
If it can be taken from me (coercion or not) is it really mine! Or just something under my control because I, and/or the "powers that be" so deem it.

What I imagine, if I never reveal it, can not be taken from me. I'm sure drugs could be given to me to cause me to lose this which I imagine, yet that is not taking from me.

Some people (companies, persons, entities, groups, etc.) seem more protected than others in protecting and retaining their intellectual properties. It is those that can reveal it to the rest of us. The Walt Disney Company seems to be one of those!

Still, so far, Disney has never hurt me! Even with the premium pricing, I gain benefit by going!

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