About Me

About Me
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  1. The Reason for Orlandowise.com
  2. The Reason I am Working at Universal Orlando .

  3. Me 4 a Lifetime, The Genesis of Orlandowise
  4. My interest to Start A Website
  5. About Freelance Writing Jobs, Orlandowise.com
  6. What Information do YOU want at Orlandowise.com?

Me on a Google Map/photo

I have a Google Map. Do you believe that I have one? I Do!

Wup, there it is! (hold the cursor over me and it will highlight some)
View Larger Google Map
Best photo of me: Googlewise!
When I worked at Universal Orlando
Douglas A Medley, when I worked at Amity Games near JAWS at Universal Orlando. Photo courtesy of my friend that also worked at Amity!
Photo courtesy of one of my friends at Amity,
Best photo of me: Amitywise!

Oh, that last sentence, I made a mistake by saying that sentence before. Maybe not this time. The question is different! AND I ASKED IT! ;)

I know that it is hard to recognize anything about me in that Google map photo but of the people that know me, most can figure it out! Some people that I know, were there that day, and they have Google Map pictures of themselves, too.

It's nothing to write home about. I have not received much notoriety because of it and I have not signed an autograph because of it.

As a matter of fact I've only told 1 or 4 other people about it that did not already know about it, until now. And that was not my daughter. She already knows the attention that we got before BG (Before Google).

The reason for this web site is not to promote about me!

When I see blatant self-promotion I, generally, get out of the way while they do that. I believe that most people that see that, and are attracted to it, soon discover that what they have found is NOT what they want, and leave. Some, then after learning something about themselves, rediscover their things about me (er ah, themselves)!

The Reason for Orlandowise.com

My daughter and I (while I had custody of her) acquired a special love for the Orlando area, and we visited often. My daughter has recently broadened her interest (which I view as a good thing), yet retains her love for this area, although not visiting it as much! Because of this appreciation (love) we, (I) want others to acquire this level of live enhancement. ;)

The reason for Orlandowise.com is to promote Orlando, FL, the surrounding area and the attractions here, and near here, in such a way that

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visitors to our web site are:

  • more knowledgeable,
  • more informed,
  • Enjoying more and ...
  • spending their time on THEIR vacation the way they want,
creating a better foundation for their greater enjoyment of their vacation here in and around Orlando, FL!

Sometimes the advertiser on Orlandowise.com, after visiting the Advertising and small business advertising pages on Orlandowise.com can attract customers and can gain for that web site visitor, an advantage in enjoying this area of Central Florida through discovery of "things to do in Orlando" and the general area that were previously unknown!.

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Your Reviews

Write your reviews on these web pages. This is a work in progress and more should be added soon...

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