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About Me
  1. The Reason for Orlandowise.com
  2. The Reason I am Working at Universal Orlando .

  3. Me as YourBestDeals.com Sales Rep.
    Gain national exposure on sites like YourBestDeals.com & Yahoo Deals, too.
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  4. Me at MidnightOutpost.com.
  5. What Information do YOU want at Orlandowise.com?

Please, let us know what information you want...

Orlandowise.com is changing and growing at least as fast as Orlando, Fl. There are new Orlando attractions, new enticement in the theme parks, new restaurants, etc. and in fact, all throughout Orlando.

It is a constant endeavor to keep Orlandowise.com current with Orlando, Fl. This is something that we truly enjoy! We occasionally hire someone that we believe also enjoys this.
If this is your passion also, please send us your resume here. Include a sample "story" or "article" such as: EzineArticles you have written.

Contact us http://www.orlandowise.com/contact-us.html and lets us know what information you want about Orlando.
It is only me right now (and freelance writers when I can afford them) and I do get overwhelmed. Please, be patient. Also, please let us know what you want!

Please, subscribe to our blog http://www.orlandowise.com/Orlando-attractions-blog.html and return often. Each vacation to Orlando anyway, to see what is new.

Here is a recent photo of me.

We hope you gain great benefit by visiting Orlandowise.com.

Thanks for your visit,

Douglas Medley

P.S. That "I Do" mistake - My first visit to Orlando was with my new wife on our honeymoon!

  • Orlando was not the mistake
  • My bonding pair partner was not yet a mistake
    (maybe never because of my daughter!)
    (Just something to learn from - she'd be a mistake for me NOW)
  • The social arrangement (marriage) with a potential lifetime "bonding pair" candidate is not the mistake.
  • The legal contract of Marriage is the mistake!
    (Is it wise to voluntary put the government in control of any part of your life?
    It is said the government should be in control of any such break-up,
    my answer to that is, "if that control is inevitable, then there should be no merger in the first place and it should be called off" !!! )

My advice to my daughter!

Never Get Married

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