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What are your favorites? What are your favorite things to do?

Orlandowise.com | Rafiki the wisest of all!
Orlandowise is more than Theme Parks, and Disney, it's about all the major attractions in Orlando in general.
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We were asked this question often because it was well known that we visited often.

Sometimes my daughter and I drove to here three week-ends each month. We had been more than 200 times from 1989 until before I moved here in 2003!

Having grown since Disney built The Magic Kingdom, the first theme park here in the early 1970's. More and more restaurants, Orlando attractions, shows, bars, dinner shows etc. have been showing up since then. All these cannot be experienced in one vacation.

The seemingly simple task of eating at all the Disney restaurants is too much. Disney changes the ever growing number of Disney restaurants as one begins to under perform.

The Orlando attractions, sites, restaurants, nightlife, we know! I do not mean that we know "about" them, we visit them!

How do you explore?

Fireworkswise at the Magic Kingdom
Orlandowise.com | Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom

Do you see a group of people, join them and follow along? Or do you take the road less traveled and explore, on you own?

I have been an explorer since I could afford to do so on my own. I love finding the very interesting things the crowd doesn't know or care about!

What about when the crowd does know it and they are here too? We find another way at these Orlando attractions, as well!

I've been in each of the theme parks, at the busiest times of the year, at "my" favorite spot - and only a few theme park guest walk by every few minutes!

One Ocean has now replaced Believe....

We have been in the largest crowds at the theme parks and got the seat at the show that we wanted, too.

I've walked into the Contemporary Resort near the Magic Kingdom, too tired to go to the car, and without a reservation we have gotten a room for $39.95/night. (May not be able to do that one again - it was before the Internet!

Yes, we believe that the Internet RAISED prices at the major, if not most, of the Orlando attractions

How did we do these things? There is no special intelligence needed. No school or special skills required. I cannot do these things in your home town. Yet, I believe that you can do these similar things! You know your home town, especially if you have lived there a long time. Most places have something that visitors would love to see or do. And you know what these things are.

Article-wise, these experiences are written by natives, theme park employees (er, ah, former employees), current or former employees of that attraction, and frequent visitors and others that KNOW and LOVE this area of Central Florida!

Islands of Adventure Lighthouse.
Best lighthouse, Orlandowise

It could be because:

  • Maybe when we rode the Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster (now a part of the Harry Potter attraction) four times without getting off and my legs did not work after that.
  • Maybe it was just sitting and holding my daughter so that she could rest and sleep and celebrities that were soon to be performing decided to come from backstage and talk to us when she woke up. Perhaps the actors got to know US.
  • Or just sitting and watching the fountain (near the center of EPCOT) "dance" to the theme park music, that 50,000+ people walked by us never noticing!
  • Or once, while my daughter and I were sitting and talking about the clouds in the sky and their shapes that someone recognize us came over and reacquainted themselves with us, from Australia - we met them five years earlier and they remembered us - we had shown them how to ride in the FRONT CAR with the driver on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom!
    or the driver, knowing that I was a bass fisherman slowed to show us the bass bed (nesting place)
    This is no longer available so, the information on how to do that, will NOT be revealed on this web site!
  • Maybe it was after a show at the "House Of Blues", the one that we drove 450 miles to see a group (that I had never heard of) My daughter wanted to meet the performers and I showed her what to do (I said they will not come out to see you here - just outside into the parking lot). We need to go _____ [I showed her where to go]) so that they would, THEY stopped their motor home/bus and came over to meet my daughter and her new acquaintance!

In a way Orlandowise.com is just "Street Smarts" "Streetwise" about the attractions.

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